Team Expeditions

Fun, engaging team building with team competition and rivalry.


If your team wants a robust, fast-paced team building event that has strong inter-team competition, then the Team Expedition may be a great choice.

  • In this event, small teams face off and engage in a progressive circuit of team building challenge events that will test each team’s ability to be highly collaborative problem-solvers, very creative, and very good communicators— all under a time pressure.

The Expedition’s team building challenge events is also a perfect blend of light to moderate physicality (so everyone can participate).  The Expedition challenges also vary in problem-solving complexity, and BIG point totals will be awarded to teams that can work well together to solve the events and rapidly progress through the Expedition’s circuit.

  • Since Expeditions are usually timed team building programs (and you set the initial time frames), you will be amazed at how engaged your people get when they have to make a series of Risk-Reward decisions on which team challenge events to tackle and invest their time and resources in.
  • If your teams make the right decisions under pressure, and they execute well, they will achieve high Place finishes, and maybe even take home First Place!
  • InnerWork’s expert team facilitators will be on hand to guide each team them to success, so expect the competition to be close, and very FUN.
  • Each team (no matter what place they finish in) will learn the remarkable power of teamwork, communication and collaboration to make great results happen.

The Team Expedition program is one of our most popular programs for Team Building Retreats, Corporate Retreats, and Leadership Conferences.

  • Expeditions can be “themed” and designed to match your retreat or conference goals to engage your participants in an interactive experiential approach to adopt key messages and “mind-sets”.

Program Details

Audience Size

10 – 300+


½ Day

Participant Profile

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels
  • Can be used with leadership / executive audiences to build cross functional communication and collaboration with the theme of “cooperate to compete” more effectively

Design / Implementation Considerations

  • Can be customized to your themes and objectives; can be designed as a strong experiential component to create a more interactive retreat or conference

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!


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