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Boost team energy and engagement with brief interactive team energizers!

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If you are looking for quick, innovative team exercises to boost team energy, or open up your next organizational meeting with fast networking exercises to mix and mingle people in the room, then consult with an InnerWork facilitator and explore our range of Team Energizers and how they can be strategically placed in your agenda to delight your audience.

Team Energizers are brief, dynamic group exercises that get participants pumped up, mingling and quickly connected in ways that might otherwise… take days!

  • These type of team building methods immediately set a positive emotional tone to the kick-off phase of a meeting or conference, and connect people rapidly who may never get a chance to get to know one another.
  • Team Energizers and networking exercises are often tied into the meeting’s key themes and the desired audience dynamics.
  • When they are strategically placed in your agenda, they are sure-fire ways to sustain an emotionally and socially intelligent group climate during your meeting or conference.

Some popular Team Energizers and networking exercises include:

  • Getting in Alignment: an amazing, fast energizer that shifts the group energy way up, and builds very special and memorable connections between two (or more) people, who become best buddies.
  • Categories: using special instructions, the audience quickly mingles around the room and “speed dates” into different “categories” announced by the facilitator.  Team members find out that they have SO MANY THINGS in common with each other, and build rapport in minutes.
  • Turn Around: small teams form, and step on a special cloth that represents something they must “turn around”.  Using special guidelines, they must flip the cloth over to the opposite side without anyone stepping off.  Teams engage to “turn it around”, having great fun as they solve the challenge.
  • No Barriers to Success: small teams form, and hold a special pole horizontally.  The pole represents a “barrier to success”. Using special guidelines, they must lower that barrier to the ground.  Sounds easy, right?  But why does the pole mysteriously rise, as if it was filled with helium? Great team fun lowering all “barriers to success”.
  • Get On Board: small teams form, and using special resources, engage in several cycles of problem solving to get their entire team up and off the ground for a count of ten seconds using as few resources as possible—which represents them getting “on board”.  Watch how much intense fun your teams have as they “get on board”.
  • The Eco-System: small teams form, and choose unique animals, fish or birds that represent their team. Then, using no known human language, they must align themselves creatively from the smallest animal, fish or bird—to the largest.  And then demonstrate their alignment to the full group!  Photo ops abound!
  • Balloon Towers: small teams form, and compete to build the highest, free-standing tower of balloons before the allotted time runs out!

Depending on your agenda themes, we have a broad range of Team Energizers to choose from that will energize and delight your group.

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We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!


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