Team Assessments

Measure team performance to encourage your teams to change & excel.


Teams benefit greatly when they know what they are doing well, and what could be improved.  In this way, a Team Assessment process catalyzes and increases their willingness to “own” what they themselves have said can be changed for the better.

  • Depending on the needs of your team, InnerWork recommends two types of Team Assessments that our clients have found are vital components to improving team performance and results.
Qualitative Team Needs Assessments

One highly effective strategy for team performance improvement is to engage the team members directly in an assessment process.  A qualitative Team Needs Assessment yields key team issues and strategies for change that are very actionable—because the team members themselves have expressed what is needed to make positive change happen.

  • Using a “focus group” format, a cross section of your team (or all team members) opens up and articulates what they see as key team “Strengths” and “Areas for Change and Improvement”.
  • Their direct feedback is analyzed and presented in a summary Team Assessment Report to management.  These assessments help prioritize key issues for management, and help senior InnerWork facilitators design targeted team programs and powerful team interventions.
Online High Performance Team Assessments

An additional Team Assessment tool is an online High Performance Team Assessment that measures a team’s current level of performance.  Our online Team Assessments can be customized, and often include measuring classic team indicators like Team Trust, Team Accountability, Open & Honest Communication, Interpersonal Support, Cross Functional Collaboration, Team Feedback, Team Conflict Resolution, Team Commitment, and much more.

  • The online Team Assessments also allow team members to write-in valuable comments, suggestions and recommendations for team change, giving team leaders anecdotal “voice of the team members” feedback to target specific team change and modify how they interact with their teams.
  • Additionally, online Team Assessments quantify and “baseline” team performance levels, which allows for additional “Post” Team Assessments to verify team performance improvements over time (i.e., 40% increase in Team Trust levels in six months).
  • Many InnerWork Leadership Team Development projects, High Performance Team development projects, and Organization Development projects use our online Team Assessments to measure positive team change over time.

Consult with an InnerWork facilitator to explore how to use Team Assessments as a key step in initiating the development of your teams, and measuring them to sustain positive team change and success.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!



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