Corporate Comedy Improv

Engage your teams in spontaneity & creativity, and watch the magic happen

Corporate Comedy Improv Team Building


Imagine building team spirit with a troupe of professional Improv players!  Your group can engage in a hilarious, no holds barred, Comedy Team Improv competition where the most spontaneous and creative teams will be awarded bragging rights as the Kings and Queens of Spontaneity.

Team Improv is a very unique team event where your participants explore the craft and skills of Improv with our professional Improv players, and learn how to demonstrate spontaneity and creativity in a safe learning environment.  If you love the TV Improv show, “Whose Line Is it Anyway?”  then this could be a fun event (or evening show) for your group! Here’s how it works.

Full Team Engagement through Comedy Improv 

Your Improv players will organize your audience into teams, and challenge each audience team to join them in creative Improv activities and skits.

  • As the various Improv contests get going, the teams partner with their Improv players and try to score big points as they flex their creativity and spontaneity muscles.
  • Depending on the event design, the Improv players and your teams may dive into rousing contests of Corporate Double Speak, Forward — Reverse, Job Interview, Slide Show, Elimination Rap, Acquisition Spree, What are You Doing, and other slam-dunk Improv challenges.
  • At times, your teams may have to cooperate to WIN BIG together, and enjoy humorous forms of collaboration in this very creative format.

Comedy Improv – Learning by Doing

While they are engaged in the contests, your teams will have an immediate, spontaneous experience of the following kinds of outcomes:

  • How to create a sense of “group mind”
  • Inspire themselves and others in creativity & spontaneity
  • How to get past our “inner critic” quickly and flexibly to “perform on demand”
  • Encourage the process of unconventional thought
  • Taking risks, and understand the paradox of making it safe to take risks
  • How to accept “failure” quickly, move on, and leverage mistakes productively
  • How to build trust quickly in a team / group
  • The importance of careful listening & memory skills
  • How to encourage critical thinking, but under rapid time frames

Comedy Improv Insights Tied into Your Workplace

As your teams debrief their learning, your participants begin to understand the power of a range of creative skills and new “mind-sets” they can bring back to their workplace.

  • Depending on your session design, the key principles and techniques of Comedy Team Improv can also be tied into leadership development, team development, inter-group communication, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, brainstorming for solutions, and much more.

Consult with an InnerWork senior facilitator and learn how the methods of Comedy Improv can inspire your teams to improve their teamwork, creativity, and risk-taking, all in a safe, fun learning environment.

Program Details

Audience Size

15 – 100+


2 – 3 hours

Participant Profile

  • Ideal for teams / groups of all sizes, demographics, and levels

Design / Implementation Considerations

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!



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