Corporate Retreats

Innovative, interactive corporate retreats focused on your team and your results.


If your team wants a powerful, interactive corporate retreat that is focused on your most important needs, InnerWork’s expert senior facilitators may be just the right resource to help you create it.

Designing and facilitating results-based, highly interactive Corporate Retreats has been one of InnerWork’s greatest capabilities since 1990, and we have conducted hundreds of them globally.

  • Whether your corporate retreat is a half day, one day, two days, or a multi-day experience, our approach to your corporate retreat is to ensure it is custom designed to address the key issues and group dynamics of your team.
  • Also, what makes InnerWork’s corporate retreats so powerful and innovative is the range of proven leadership development, team development and organizational change programs and facilitation methodologies that an InnerWork senior facilitator can configure for your corporate retreat goals.

Create Your Unique Corporate Retreat

InnerWork’s approach to your corporate retreat starts with an important needs assessment process that focuses on your business objectives & content for the retreat, as well as your key behavioral / group dynamics needs.

  • This assessment leads to a creative agenda design process where an expert facilitator configures the right training and meeting facilitation methodologies to accelerate positive change in your leaders, your teams, and the organization.
  • During the corporate retreat, your senior facilitator will help you focus on the most critical areas for positive change, and your key content, in exciting, interactive ways.  Your retreat will build new levels of teamwork, trust, and collaboration on “what matters most”.
  • InnerWork also has many “best practices” facilitation methodologies that can be incorporated into your retreat depending on your needs.

Corporate Retreats with Real Outcomes & Results

When your corporate retreat is designed and facilitated in this way, it can accelerate a range of outcomes for your team, and produce real change.

  • Your retreat will also build the quality of your team’s interpersonal relationships in powerful ways so that your team can return to the workplace, renewed and ready, with new direction, new team agreements, and action steps to make it happen.  Contact us today and, with your input, we’ll begin designing the perfect retreat agenda and team building experience for your group!

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!


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