Organizational Assessments

Conduct Organizational Assessments that spark positive Organizational Change.


As an organizational leader, knowing your key strengths and key areas for change is an important first step in driving positive organizational change.  InnerWork senior change consultants are experts at helping you address three integral, related areas for change:  individual behavioral change, team change, and organizational change.

  • Unlike organizational assessments that often overlook deeper personal and team dynamics that create organizational breakdowns, InnerWork’s Organizational Assessments assess current performance in these multiple dimensions, and help you target specific performance improvement actions that can dramatically change your organizational results.

Since 1990, InnerWork’s Organizational Assessments have been conducted for a broad range of companies  in many industries.  Our approach is proven, and it addresses the fundamental aspects of leading positive change in any organization.

Organizational Assessments for All Root Causes of Change

Leading effective organizational change needs to include insights and strategies for not only organizational change, but also, how to positively change specific individual and team-based behavior patterns.

  • InnerWork change consultants can help you see how negative individual and team behavior patterns create organizational challenges, and provide practical solutions for how to begin shifting your people into positive change approaches.
  • Our Organizational Assessments include specific organizational-level assessment findings, survey results and recommendations; but they also include recommendations and strategies for how to change root-cause negative individual and team-based behaviors.

Organizational Assessments Can Lead to Positive Action

  • Also, unlike other consulting organizations who only conduct assessments, InnerWork consultants are change management practitioners who can assist you with implementation strategies for integral organization development, team development, and leadership development approaches that are linked to producing business results.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!



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