Leadership Assessment

Discover strengths and explore new areas for growth and change within you.

Leadership Assessments Tools and Training


Gaining insight and awareness on your personal Strengths and Areas for Change through a Leadership Assessment process is an excellent starting point for building more individual effective leadership skills.

  • If your focus is on building more effective leadership teams, organizational leaders like you recognize their leadership teams are only as strong as the awareness and capabilities of each of their individual leaders.  After all, the individual leaders are the foundation of a cohesive and trusting leadership team.
  • Thus, leadership assessments are often conducted for leadership team members, as building a higher performing leadership team is enhanced by each individual leader’s own “change from the inside-out”.
  • InnerWork has an array of Leadership Assessment tools and Personal Assessment tools that can help leaders, and leadership teams, gain critical insight and awareness on how to be more effective leaders.

“360” Leadership Assessment

For individual leaders, the most important type of leadership assessment is what is known as a “360” leadership assessment.

  • In this type of assessment, the leader receives feedback on their strengths and areas for change from a variety of respondents, including their manager, director reports, peers and even family and friends.
  • Since 1990, InnerWork has offered proven “360” Leadership Skills assessments, and “360” Leadership Style assessments.
  • One of the most effective “360” leadership assessment focuses on a leader’s Emotional and Social Intelligence--the “star competencies” of highly effective leaders that goes well beyond a leader’s capabilities for functional or business expertises.
  • InnerWork consultants can also customize a “360” Leadership Assessment for your leaders, and develop Leadership Effectiveness profiles and customized assessment tools that fit your organization’s culture and the most important leadership attributes of the “ideal leader” in your culture.

Leadership Assessment Applications

Personal Assessments for Leaders & Work Teams

If you are an organizational leader interested in your own development (and the development of your work team), these Personal Assessments can be highly effective for you and your team with individual and group / team-based reports.

Client Testimonial

We are so glad The InnerWork Company was our pick to host our most important annual meeting and business planning session. Great programs, great facilitators. We will call on you again!



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