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Young Leaders Speak Out!

Recent Testimonials from InnerWork's Young Leaders Program

"This program is one of a kind. There is no other program that offers an opportunity to get to know your body, mind, and spirit at such a depth and shows you how to be successful in life not only school. Relationship skills, team building, mental and physical health are the tools a person needs to lead a happy and successful life.

"After being part of this retreat I am inspired to make a difference in my community. I would have never had the chance to work on a community service project with such amazing friends. I wish more students could be as lucky as I to be a part of this".

Karen M.

"Wake up fellow teens out there everywhere! We don't need to accept the labels that we are unhealthy, unmotivated, and all around unprepared for life! This program woke me up to myself and what I needed to do to be excellent!

"Physically, I NOW KNOW how to do proper cardio, strength, and stretch training. I know how to enjoy healthy eating and won't accept my old excuses that I can't do this. Mentally, I am able to center my mind and reduce stress quickly, even when I under pressure to get things done in school and in my job. Emotionally, I am a lot better at seeing and changing my emotional states for the better, and that is just amazing to me. I am in charge now of how I feel, not other people or situations.

"I also learned how to work in teams and co-lead projects with others, skills that can help me be a stronger all around leader. I honestly don't think that there are enough words to truly describe how this course has changed my life".

Joshua B.

"Thank you for giving me this program. Where do I begin to say how much I have changed? The optimal nutrition lessons helped me see how to choose good foods to fuel my body. The exercise, Yoga, and the weekly practice sessions refreshed my mind and body and gave me models I can use all my life to gain energy and focus and health.

"Mental Centering has been my favorite practice, just being able to pause for a few minutes of the day and just collect myself was hard at first but now, I really enjoy the times when I am able to really focus on my mind and center myself for any challenge. Why aren't these tools part of every school in America?

"The team building and leadership lessons helped me learn how task, process, relationships and communication go hand in hand in order to accomplish any task smoothly, and we made that happen on our community service project.

"The Vision and Goal Setting assignments got me thinking more about my future and what I want and overall who I want to be as a person; someone with honor and compassion for others among other things. I can now visualize myself completing my dreams in the near future. I can say--- this is something that I want to do! This is where I want to be!"

Kathy I.

"This program has been so amazing for me. I learned about leadership and making things happen with others, how to respect ourselves and others, and what it means to be truly healthy in body and mind---not just talk about it, but over the course of the program, to actually LIVE IT.

It's the kind of education more kids should be exposed to. These lessons we learned are all very important parts of life that for some reason are not usually taught, even though it would do so much to motivate students to improve in many varied areas of their life, including getting their grades up in other classes like I am working on!"

Colin D.

"Developing my teen leader within was super amazing! I learned so many amazing things that I wouldn't have learned in a normal class. For example, I learned how important the emotions are to my life every moment, how to name them, change them, and be able to manage them---or get managed by them! I also learned a lot about working in teams. I proved to myself that a team can tackle a variety of challenging tasks, and we can strategize, lead, and work together effectively if we choose to.

"Personally, I learned many valuable lessons on nutrition, things like portion control, sugar and salt intake, healthy snacks at the right times of day, and water intake. I also learned how to correctly do different forms of exercise like Yoga, strength training and cardio, and stay with it over the whole program. I have never felt better in my whole life!

"I didn't think I could grow so much in so little time. I am greatly inspired and I know I will be able to lead myself and others. I am so glad I am a part of this experience. I love this program!"

Hope C.