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Work Out

Work Out is a change management training program that implements organizational change by getting the right group of people involved. Work Out is an InnerWork adaptation of a change management, problem-solving program developed by General Electric in the 1980's.

Successful Work Out change management training sessions start with up-front planning; an InnerWork consultant works with you and your executives to help structure a focus. This can be a key problem, situation, or process that needs radical improvement. Then the right people are invited to the Work Out change management training session to facilitate that improvement.

At the Work Out session, an InnerWork senior facilitator guides the group through a variety of discussion and analysis tools to:

  • Zero in on the root causes of the problem / issues.
  • Identify the gaps between the current state and desired state.
  • Develop ideas and recommendations to senior management on how to address it.

Senior management's role in the change management training process is very clear: respond to it immediately by chartering a team which follows-up and implements the actions necessary to resolve it.

The result of the Work Out process: Senior management does not lead the change. The team, through its knowledge, wisdom, and commitment, implements the business initiatives while senior management supports the team's successful efforts.

Program Size: 20 - 500 participants
Program Length: Varies depending on client needs
Corporate Meeting Program Length: half day; one day.

Learn how your firm can benefit from InnerWork's Work Out program or for information on our broad range of services. Also feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can meet your organization's change management needs.