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Employee Wellness Programs

Staying on top of your game, and staying healthy, productive, and engaged in today's workplace can be a major personal challenge. Why? In high demand work environments, coupled with family responsibilities and community involvement, whose needs do we tend to put last? Ourselves.

InnerWork's Wellness and Human Performance Programs provide a pathway back to prioritizing the Self, and a set of research-based tools and practices that you can use to care for the Self, restore your capacity, manage stress, and renew your energy to handle the demands of your workplace.

Offered in multiple formats, InnerWork's Wellness and Human Performance Programs have helped hundreds of corporate leaders and scores of workplace teams/groups engage a path to optimal performance and learn the inside-out skills necessary to "work tough" so that you can complete your mission.

Wellness and Human Performance Key Notes & Seminars

Our key-note, half day and one day Wellness and Human Performance Program explores an essential "tool box" of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual practices that professionals can use to perform effectively under pressure. The session also includes a "take-away" goal-setting process with a Personal Action Plan and Team Action Plan for follow-up post program.

Wellness and Human Performance Program - Three Days

Our three-day Wellness and Human Performance Program is a robust personal leadership development program that includes a range of physiological baseline testing and personal leadership assessments, followed by our core research-based modules for optimal Mental Performance, Emotional Performance, and Physical Performance. Also, to anchor the program concepts to your organizational role, there is our Integral Change module on how to integrate your personal change with organizational change.

Wellness and Human Performance Program - Five Days

Our signature five-day Wellness and Human Performance Program is one of the most comprehensive, Inside Out leadership development programs offered anywhere today. Like the three day program, this powerful, full immersion experience begins with a range of physiological testing and leadership assessments, followed by modules on Mental Performance, Emotional Performance, Physical Performance, Relationship / Team Performance, and Integral Change, where you integrate and apply a comprehensive change process for the whole person, whole team, and the whole business.

Also, as an option, this program offers a 12-week follow-up web-based curriculum where you progressively and successfully learn to implement the small changes that will bring you big results, supported by access to a professional performance coach.

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