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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Since 1990, The InnerWork Company has grown to be one of the world's leading corporate training organizations focused on helping organizations change from the inside out through proven programs in team building, leadership development and organizational change. We serve many of the world's leading organizations, and over 100,000 corporate professionals have participated in our programs, customized corporate retreats and corporate meetings.

Our Vision

InnerWork is a global management training and consulting company. We provide innovative training programs and consulting approaches to develop the performance of the "whole person / leader, the whole team, and the whole business."

Our Mission

To facilitate, develop and accelerate positive, integral change (self-change, team change, business change) in people and organizations that has a positive impact on customers, the community, and the environment.

Our Values

Service - We focus on the needs of our customer and seek to deliver solutions that add value and positive change to the complex challenges they face.

Accountability - We are dependable and consistent, and we take ownership for the results we produce.

Results-Focus - We strive to fully understand our customers' needs for systemic self change, team change, and business change, and we seek to provide solutions that will create improvements and better results in their business and human performance.

Empowerment - We build leadership and capability in our team to serve clients and each other so we grow as whole people too. We also empower our customers to become skilled and capable to help them to discover what they can "do for themselves."

Teamwork - We practice high levels of honest, open communication, mutual accountability and support, shared leadership and goal-setting. We embody trust.

Social Responsibility - We share our knowledge and resources to develop young people as leaders. We also invest a portion of our profit, resources, and time to educational, community service and economic development activities.

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