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Teen Leadership - The Young Leaders Program

Did you ever want to learn cool stuff that can make you a stronger, healthier, happier person for your whole life, and also, to help serve and give back to people in some way in your community? If so, then you (and your school or local community organization) might be interested an adventure to awaken the young leader within you!

The Young Leaders Program is an award-winning, innovative youth leadership development program for young people ages 14 - 18 that features proven human performance practices, and leadership and teamwork principles, used by world-class leaders, athletes, and peak performers from all over the world.

Leadership training programs for teens! Unlike a summer camp or a weekend class, this program is a 12 - 15 week learning journey that develops you as a "whole person"---"The Young Leader Within"--- in five core modules:

  • Leadership
  • Mental Power
  • Emotional Power
  • Physical Power
  • Team Power

The program begins with a highly experiential but FUN five day residential program, or two consecutive weekend residential programs.

Here you will join 30 other students, and be guided by InnerWork staff (and selected local teachers or community representatives) to learn and practice effective leadership, teamwork, and human performance principles with your fellow young leaders.

  • You will also make many new life-long friends as you learn about cool tools and strategies to change your life, and set new goals for yourself you never dreamed possible!
Depending on where your program is located, and what community center, school, gymnasium or athletic facilities can be used, the residential program is followed by 11 - 14 weeks of learning that combines:
  • online learning to deepen your skills through a powerful curriculum of readings, exercises, and progressive assignments to help meet your new goals, and apply what you learned to your life
  • weekly and bi-weekly after school sessions of 2.5 hours to practice the program methods together with your classmates, and also, to plan and implement your community service projects
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To learn more about how to launch InnerWork's Young Leaders Program program in your community or school, email us or call us at 1-888-216-3565.