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Stress Management Training

Manage Stress with our Stress Management Training Programs and Techniques

InnerWork's Stress Management Training programs provide a comprehensive, interactive training system of modules that you and your team can use for stress management and personal renewal in high demand work environments.

Used by corporations of all sizes, our Stress Management Training programs are some of our most popular programs for corporate professionals seeking effective personal tools and methods to achieve more balance and energy.

Benefits of Our Proven Stress Management Training Programs

  • Stress management training helps you learn how to stay cool, calm, and more balanced under pressure.
  • Our stress management training incorporates the latest in cutting-edge human performance research as well as time-tested stress management practices and techniques
  • These stress management training programs use delivery formats that are highly experiential, practical and fully engage your team to make the small changes that can bring big results.

Our corporate stress management training programs can be conducted on-site at your location, or at off-site meeting locations in formats that vary in length and depth, depending on your team's needs.   Often our stress management training programs are custom designed with real-world work scenarios and role plays---and "take-away" practice exercises---that build higher levels of awareness and skills.

Some other Stress Management Training / personal Leadership Development programs include:

  • Professional Renewal - Leanr a system of human performance practices to help you and your team thrive under pressure.
  • The Mental Edge - A fascinating program that provides skills training in cultivating effective mental performance states, and learning how to identify and counter limiting mental states that sap your energy and focus.
  • Emotional Mastery - Explore a series of proven emotional and social intelligence skills for managing your emotions more effectively in high demand work environments.
  • Optimum Performance Nutrition - Manage daily energy and promote long term health by learning how to fuel your body with the right foods at the right time in the right variety.
  • Meditation for Professionals - One of the leading corporate training programs in the world for deeper levels of inner work, this program teaches you proven meditation practices used by world class athletes, executives and teams in many corporations we serve.
  • Yoga for Professionals - Increase your physical and mental performance with a proven system of 21 Yoga poses used by many corporations to help their employees reduce stress and stay flexible in body and mind.
  • Personal Visioning - Gain new levels of personal energy and power through a better alignment of what your purpose and vision is with the goals of your team and organization.

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