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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential not only for success, but for survival in today's environment of accelerating change and unpredictability. Our Strategic Planning program is an in-depth, powerful thinking and planning process. You will work with an experienced InnerWork consultant to complete the critical components of systematic and concise strategic planning.

This effective change management training program will use your own organization or business unit / department as the model. You will:

  • Learn and apply the tools of market segmentation, external analysis, internal analysis and capability assessments.
  • List key assumptions and conduct future scenarios.
  • Select key growth strategies for your most promising markets.
  • Identify strategic planning goals and change management program objectives.
  • Create powerful but concise action plans to achieve these strategic planning objectives.
  • Establish budgets that reflect operational priorities and necessary strategic investments.

Finally, your team will plan the critical human and change management program success factors to implement your strategic plan, such as:

  • Organizational communication.
  • Building employee commitment and "buy-in".
  • Chartering key strategic teams to drive agreed-to strategies throughout the organization.

The result: a solid game plan put together by all the right players who understand why and how these new directions are needed to respond an ever changing business environment.

Program Size: 10 - 100 participants
Program Length: 1 - 2 days; varies depending on client needs

Learn how your firm can benefit from InnerWork's Strategic Planning program and for information on our broad range of services. Also feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can meet your organization's change management program needs.