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The Samurai Game

The Samurai Game is a fascinating team building and personal leadership simulation. In this amazing experience, participants cross a psychological boundary and step into the roles of medieval Samurai warriors. They join one of two teams that conduct a series of one-on-one Samurai Game competitions.

Every Samurai Game match is symbolic and involves no significant physical contact, yet demands team building skills, including:

Team building with the Samurai game is a fun, interactive way to develop your team.
  • Commitment
  • Focus
  • Centeredness
  • Truthfulness
  • Support

All Samurai Game players are called upon to exercise resourcefulness, decisiveness, integrity, risk-taking, selfless service, mental toughness and flexibility in a series of fast-moving, highly uncertain situations. This environment becomes the game's "battlefield". This is an appropriate metaphor for the Samurai Game; this activity simulates an atmosphere similar to actual combat and certain aspects of intense business competition.

All Samurai Game participants are encouraged to summon forth their "warrior" spirit, gain personal control, and then act with courage and determination. Individuals face the immediate and uncertain consequences of personal success or defeat, and how that affects their team. Everyone is encouraged to engage their teammates and opponents with the respect, compassion and honor usually displayed by "life's true champions".

The Samurai Game requires adept responses to change, and the need to make tough decisions under pressure (which reflects today's business realities). In this way, the game presents a series of fascinating examples of how individuals and organizations fully engage (or do not engage) in the challenges of the workplace or daily living.

The Samurai Game builds to a final dramatic conclusion. At this incredible moment, what will happen – surrender … risk… victory… defeat? What will be the basis for action for the last Samurai standing? Will the final contest involve respect and dignity - or will something else occur?

Following the contests an extensive debriefing process begins; this is designed to enhance individual and organizational performance and to tie the lessons of the Samurai Game to real world business scenarios. The extraordinary shared experience forms the basis from which new actions, commitments and practices can be applied in the business - and our lives.

The Samurai Game is one of the most unique and powerful adult learning experiences available. Your "corporate warriors" will talk about and learn about team building from The Samurai Game for years to come.

Program Size: 20 - 150 participants
Program Length: 5 to 7 hours, depending on final design

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