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Personal Visioning

Personal Visioning from InnerWork gives you and your team the gift to "step back" and create your "Personal Vision." This program will give you the chance to imagine what you want to emerge in your life and through your work. Personal visioning helps to overcome the busyness of everyday living and the challenges of balancing work and family commitments.

The Personal Visioning process helps you

  • Fully align your current and future actions with your deepest values and priorities.
  • Make choices that lead to greater levels of personal and work integration, balance and happiness.
  • Understand why balancing your commitments (to work, family, community and yourself) is an essential priority.
  • Develop a Personal Visioning Statement, with initial goals and an action plan, to begin making changes.

Multiple methods of accelerated learning spark InnerWork's personal visioning process: direct inquiry, individual reflection, visualization, writing, music, mind mapping, and paired sharing.

Leadership Development Emanates from Individual Growth

InnerWork's Team Building and Organizational Change programs use Personal Visioning as part of the team leadership development process. This procedure includes the following:

  • Team members share selected elements of their Personal Vision, goals, and action plans with their co-workers.
  • The work team builds a joint Team Vision that incorporates each team members' values and priorities.

This team leadership development has many benefits. "Team Visions" energize all team members who now can interact from a common base of shared understanding, shared values, and increased trust levels; this improves team performance and reduces interpersonal stress.

Program Size: 10 - 200 participants
Program Length: One hour to ninety minutes. Team-based options are two to 2.5 hours.

Learn how your firm can benefit from InnerWork Company's Personal Visioning program and our broad range of services. Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can address your organization's leadership development, human performance, or stress management needs.