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Optimal Performance Nutrition

Optimal Performance Nutrition is an exciting research-based program to teach busy professionals how food choices can affect their quality of life. In fact, good nutrition can lead to optimal performance. Unfortunately, we busy professionals often don't eat well when we feel stressed or "starved" for time. We may often "choose down" on the quality of what and when we eat. These poor choices can actually slow us down, and impair our total health and well-being.

On the other hand, the Optimal Performance Nutrition program explores the many benefits of proper eating habits. Participants in this leadership development session learn the seven major nutrition principles for optimal performance through dietary choices.

Nutrition is a key foundation for optimal human performance, increased energy and stress management. Our Optimal Performance Nutrition program teaches participants how to incorporate sound nutritional principles into daily living:

  • Learn about the Food = Energy connection.
  • Learn energy management strategies for when, what, and how to eat.
  • Identify a range of "power foods" that increase vitality and health.
  • Manage your emotional states using the Food = Mood connection.
  • Understand the role of adequate daily hydration in human performance.
  • Integrate optimal performance nutrition practices with other physical practices like aerobic exercise, flexibility, strength training and sleep.
  • Develop an "Action Plan" integrating optimum performance nutrition into your daily activities.

The skills and concepts shared in Optimum Performance Nutrition will help you make those small personal changes that can create big results in your health, energy, and resiliency to work-related stress.

Program Size: 10 - 200 participants
Program Length: 2 hours; half day.

Learn how your firm can benefit from InnerWork Company's Optimal Performance Nutrition program and our broad range of services. Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can address your organization's leadership development, human performance or stress management needs.