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Corporate Meeting Openers

Corporate Meeting Energizers Invigorate Meetings

Corporate Meeting Openers from InnerWork Company start up your corporate meeting with a rocket booster of good group energy, and Corporate Meeting Energizers keep it going with full impact.

Corporate Meeting Openers are brief, dynamic exercises that get participants pumped up, mingling and quickly connected in ways that might otherwise take days. This team building device also immediately sets a positive tone to let people know that this meeting will be nothing like past traditional meetings! Depending on the meeting's key themes and audience dynamics, there are scores of Corporate Meeting Openers that are sure-fire successes for kicking off your meeting right.

Corporate Meeting Energizers are brief, interactive exercises and surprising games that you can "Plug n' Play" at key points throughout your agenda. Keep everyone guessing about "What the heck is going to happen next"? Corporate Meeting Energizers give people a needed physiological boost and a mental break from the usual meeting format. These team building devices work best when they:

  • Are pre-planned.
  • Are thematically linked to meeting topics or principles.
  • Use fun and upbeat sounds, voice, movement, and speed networking.

No meeting is complete without some well placed Corporate Meeting Openers and Corporate Meeting Energizers, including:

  • Secret Agent
  • Things In Common
  • Categories
  • Human Bingo
  • Three Faces
  • Secret Handshakes
  • CYA
  • Follow the Bouncing Ball
  • Many others

Program Size: 10 - 1000 participants
Program Length: Brief 5 - 10 minute group exercises

Learn how your firm can benefit from our Corporate Meeting Openers & Corporate Meeting Energizers and the broad range of other InnerWork programs. Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building event needs.