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Mental Edge

Effective Stress Management Training

The Mental Edge program from InnerWork provides a highly interactive, research-based approach. Mental Edge training leads to understanding the power of the mind and how to cultivate optimal mental states when under pressure. The ability to access these levels of awareness in high demand work environments is essential.

Achieve peak intellectual performance, keep balanced and remain optimally focused on tasks and relationships with Mental Edge training. This stress management training from InnerWork will help participants to:

  • Learn a core inner law of peak mental performance to increase effectiveness.
  • Learn how to reduce and control limiting and self-defeating mental states.
  • Explore and learn a range of powerful mental states like mental awareness, intention, optimism, "flow," and more.
  • Integrate selected emotional awareness and proven emotional management strategies into a mental performance management "tool kit."
  • Understand how physical disciplines like diet, exercise, yoga, and resistance training can boost your mental performance, and more.

One of the most useful and profound parts of the Mental Edge stress management training program is learning a powerful mental centering practice. This technique is used by world-class athletes, executives, and leading stress management teachers. This "mental fitness tool" gives you and your team members:

  • Keen insight into how the mind works, and how to manage it in high demand situations.
  • Skills to observe, regulate and modulate your mental states to give you more balance and insight.
  • The ability to act from an "inner zone" of greater wisdom and awareness.

Today's professionals will respond better to daily challenges and demands with the inner tools gained from this stress management training. Your team will thank you for the opportunity to participate in Mental Edge stress management training.

Program Size: 10 - 200 participants
Program Length: 2 hours; half day or one day.
Corporate Meeting Program Length: two to three hours.

Learn how your firm can benefit from InnerWork's Mental Edge program or for information on our broad range of services. Also feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can meet your organization's leadership development, human performance or stress management training needs.