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Leadership Training and Leadership Development

InnerWork's leadership training and development programs, tools, and assessments have awakened corporate leaders to find new paths for human and organizational effectiveness. These leadership training and development programs can help your leaders achieve greater self-knowledge and effectiveness for leading team and organizational change.

InnerWork's integral, "whole person, whole system" leadership training focuses on building a leader's human performance skills to accelerate personal change from the "inside out". Since 1990, our leadership training approaches has helped thousands of leaders and individuals from organizations of all sizes and industries become change agents and catalysts for business growth. Through InnerWork's leadership development programs and services, your leaders can also experience the direct connection between personal growth, purpose, and energy levels---and organizational growth.

Our leadership training and development programs and services include:

  • Developing The Leader Within shows you how to "change from the Inside-Out" through a powerful set of transformational tools and models that gives you insight into core attitudinal, emotional, and behavioral patterns, and how to change them for optimal leadership training performance.
  • Emotional Intelligence provides leaders and teams with proven, research-based methods for emotional awareness and emotional management, and provides skills for handling relationships with higher levels of social intelligence.
  • Professional Renewal provides a comprehensive series of programs to increase integral levels of human performance (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels of performance) and strengthen the Self to work in high demand work environments.
  • Executive Coaching provides C-level senior executives with a range of coaching services that focus on personal development, executive team development, or leading organizational change.
  • Leadership Coaching is one of our most popular leadership training and leadership development services for managers and leaders Unlike other coaching processes, our process helps you learn models and practices for deep levels of self change and transformation, as well as skill changes.
  • Assessments Tools give participants insight into key areas of strength and personal change "from the inside-out". These self-assessment tools help each leader and individual employee to develop new actions for personal and professional change.
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