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Today's leaders---from the senior executives to front-line contributors---need to work effectively with others. Whether you are a leader of others, or a member of a team, everyone on that team must think, speak, and act optimal ways if you want to build an effective team. Thus, the foundation for a high performance team or group is always the individual person or leader.

Developing the Leader Within is a powerful leadership training course that explores the inner foundations of human high performance, as well as the limited side we all have-our human ego.

Since 1990, Developing the Leader Within has been widely used by corporations to change individual (and team) behavior from the Inside Out. This leadership training course uses a wide range of accelerated learning technologies, and a unique model of the Self, to help individuals see the hidden and deeper causes of their limited and self defeating behavior, and identify and replace that behavior with optimal human performance patterns.

Delivered in group formats ranging from a half a day to a modular two day format, this signature InnerWork leadership training course opens people's eyes to see how we can positively shape our thoughts, emotions, words and deeds to transform our lives, let go of old patterns that just don't work, so that we can work with others effectively.

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