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Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment tools provide powerful insight for managers and executives to improve their leadership skills. InnerWork offers two types of leadership assessments to help managers discover their strengths and areas for self change. A leadership assessment can be offered as part of a larger workplace change initiative, a team performance improvement initiative, or as a self-insight tool to help the manager or executive develop goals and action plans for personal and professional development.

Leadership Skills Assessment

The first type of management assessment process is a Leadership Skills Assessment instrument based on confidential "360" feedback from a manager's peers, direct reports, supervisor(s), external / internal customers and self-feedback. Dimensions that can be examined with Leadership Skills Assessment include Leadership, Decision-Making, Planning, Delegation, Teambuilding, Conflict Resolution, Listening, Managing, Meetings, Motivation, Innovation and many others.

The leadership skills assessment process is often used with our leadership coaching to help participants understand strengths and areas for improvement, and also helps them to develop a specific action plan for positive change.

Leadership Styles Assessment

The second type of leadership assessment instrument is a Leadership Work Styles Assessment instrument, based on confidential "360" feedback from a manager's peers, direct reports, supervisor(s), and even external / internal customers, as well as self-feedback. Styles dimensions that can be examined include Self-Actualization, Power, Achievement, Control, Conformance, Perfectionism, Affiliation, Helping Others, and many others.

The leadership work styles assessment process is often used with a leadership coaching process to help leaders set action plans to improve their work style and interaction with others.

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