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Human Performance Programs

image InnerWork Human PerformanceHuman Performance Program - 3 Days

Our core 3 Day Human Performance Program can be delivered onsite or at hotels, conference centers or retreat centers globally. The program can be for individual leaders and corporate professionals, or corporate groups and teams.

  • To build and sustain skill development, and meet your human performance goals, the program offers optional follow-up telephone-based coaching from an InnerWork Performance Coach.
Human Performance Program – 3 Days & 12 Weeks Online

Our most comprehensive program, this option provides our core 3 Day Human Performance Program, followed by a powerful 12 week progressive skill development practice period and "learning journey" guided through an award-winning web platform and an InnerWork Performance Coach.
  • Available for individuals and corporate teams, and unlike any other corporate training program of its kind, it is our most results-based, "change from the Inside Out" Human Performance Program.
  • If you and your team are committed to developing human performance skills and competencies, this program model is highly recommended.

Client Led Programs

If you are seeking to expand the impact of Human Performance training throughout more levels and/or sites in their organization as part of an employee engagement initiative or workplace wellness initiative, a cost-effective and time efficient option is to deliver the 3 Day Human Performance Program through (InnerWork-certified) internal facilitators.

  • Internal client facilitators will attend the core 3 Day program, and then be trained in InnerWork's Human Performance Leadership Institute, a train-the-trainer program.

For clients with limited internal facilitator resources, an InnerWork Performance Coach can supplement internal client resources and support a client's implementation goals as needed.

Human Performance Leadership Institute - Train-the-Trainer

This 4 day intensive train-the-trainer provides experienced facilitators with InnerWork's Human Performance Program Facilitator Outlines and interactive delivery methods to customize and lead an effective internal program.

  • Client facilitators also have follow-up phone-based and onsite support from a senior InnerWork Human Performance Program facilitator as they become certified to lead the program.

To learn more about InnerWork’s Human Performance Programs, please contact us by email, or feel free to call us at 1-888-216-3565 to speak to a Human Performance program representative.