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High Ropes Courses

Our High Ropes Courses are outdoor, experiential team building exercises that accelerate learning and team development. This shared group experience is novel, exciting, and far different from just another day at the office!

High Ropes Courses - Team Building Events

Our High Ropes Courses provide team building events that range from 15' to 60' off the ground. These fun and powerful high ropes courses teach team factors, such as:

Challenge your team with one of InnerWork's safe, proven, high ropes events.
  • team planning
  • problem solving
  • risk-taking
  • continuous improvement
  • group support
  • trust
  • and more...

InnerWork's High Ropes Courses also focus on deeper "whole person" changes required to drive individual and team performance to higher levels. Learning components can include training in mental concentration, emotional intelligence, stress management and performance tools to overcome "inner" and "outer" obstacles to growth.

Our approach also ties the High Ropes Courses adventure and discovery process back to on-job issues that represent significant challenges for the team. Our experienced Senior Consultants will draw forth insights, facilitate commitments, and develop action steps from individuals and teams to do things differently.

High Ropes Courses can also be creatively combined with our Low Ropes Courses, as well as many various modules from our corporate team building training.

Program Size: 10 - 200 participants
Program Length: Half day to one day

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