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Electronic Councils Promote Organizational Change

Electronic Councils can play a role in a large group gathering if you need to explore key organizational change management issues, gather group feedback, or poll your audience's perception on a variety of topics. Electronic Councils are organizational change management tools that use advanced collaborative software tools, PC's, large video projection screens, and an onsite wireless network. This technology can transform an average meeting into an accelerated "group council."

Rapidly explore key issues with full participation from every stakeholder in the room with Electronic Councils. Electronic Councils can:

  • Save time by making the group's "collective mind" visible immediately.
  • Use anonymity to gather maximum input by creating a "safe space" for people to be heard.
  • Reduce fear of speaking up or jump start key discussions.
  • Accelerate groups into focused discussions on issues that surfaced from quickly listing all points of view.
  • Promote more rapid group alignment and action on shared ideas and objectives.

Electronic Councils require pre-meeting planning. This will ensure that the right questions are asked and that the correct organizational change management approaches are used; pre-planning includes selecting the right electronic meeting system (EMS) technology, as well. InnerWork can help you apply these collaborative organizational change management tools with applications like:

  • New product development
  • Strategy formulation
  • Community building and communication though change
  • Organizational change assessment, and
  • Dealing with people's emotions and attitudes through difficult change

Program Size: 30 - 500 participants
Program Length: Varies depending on client needs

Learn how your firm can benefit from Electronic Councils. Please feel free to email or call us at 1-888-216-3565 to discuss how we can address your company's need for organizational change.