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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company dedicated to educating corporate leaders and teams in inside-out change and optimal human performance, the InnerWork team focuses its non-profit work on youth education.  InnerWork donates 5% of our net profits to programs that develop young people for the challenges of the new millennium.

The InnerWork team empowers young people through two high quality educational youth leadership development experiences:  

  • Advanced 12 week behavioral change programs for young adults ages 14 – 17 that focus on character education, personal change, and community service.   
  • Global educational immersion experiences to develop young people’s global awareness of foreign languages and culture, and explore first-hand issues of sustainability, poverty reduction, and economic development. 

Our 12 week advanced character education program and global study travel programs operate on a non-profit “sustainable” model, in other words, the programs are offered at cost, plus an administrative fee to maintain operations & cover expenses that are not covered by internal grants, external grants or donations.  In this way, InnerWork and its funding partners have been able to continue to provide these educational programs as they have scaled and expanded.

To learn more about our corporate social responsibility work, please email or call us at 1-888-216-3565.