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Building Launching Events

Build It, Launch It! Encourages Team Building

Building Launching Events will test people's creativity, teamwork and mechanical prowess - often with hilarious outcomes. Build It, Launch It! events are suitable for all team members, regardless of age and fitness levels. These Building Launching Events can be run alone, or in combination. Our Building Launching events are teambuilding activities that will delight all of your participants. They include:

Roman Catapults

Teams use a large bucket of highly engineered parts to figure out how to assemble four foot tall Roman Catapults; these devices need to send a raw egg (wrapped in a special casing built by the team) towards a target area. Issues of teamwork, leverage, propulsion, aerodynamic design, and trajectory analysis. make this challenge very engaging. Time: 45 minutes to one hour.

Adventure Race Cars

Teams build and decorate unique Adventure Race Cars, and race them along a special course in a series of heats that lead up to a Finals Race. Adventure Race Cars have strong plywood bases capable of supporting one seated driver. The propulsion system involves one team member pulling each car, while other team members feed a continuous stream of tennis balls to float the base (or not--Screech!) towards the finish line. Hilarious! Time: 2 hours.

Team Challenge Rafts

Set forth on the waters, or capsize and get wet! Teams are given a supply of boards, rope and floatable 30 gallon colorful plastic barrels. Their mission: construct a Team Challenge Raft for four people to retrieve a precious prize in water. This wild raft race is unlike anything you have ever seen! Team Challenge Rafts will test each team's ability to deal with factors of design, buoyancy, balance, speed, propulsion, communication, and teamwork. A popular team building option. Time: 90 minutes.

Hot Rockets

Teams build and decorate their very own Hot Rockets (a raw egg wrapped in special heat-resistant materials) into outer space. The Hot Rockets will be pressurized and launched; when they re-enter the atmosphere the eggs must not break! Some team Hot Rockets, of course, may not even launch. If they do, their "Moon Shot" may veer wildly with hilarious results. Great Fun! 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Corporate Gliders

Who needs a gas guzzling company jet? Build your own Corporate Gliders! In this event, teams build small 3 - 4 foot real Corporate Gliders using various types of lightweight wood, Styrofoam, and other materials. This is made even more challenging by cost parameters; each part is charged against a team's starting budget. Will the Glider take wing and soar, and if so, was it launched cost effectively? Teams will have fun as they "fly far, fly straight and fly cheap!" 90 minutes.

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is an exciting building and construction event. Small teams divide in two and use team building skills to build a bridge by connecting the spans perfectly. Here's the catch: a screen and drape system separates the two sub teams; excellent communication is needed to be sure the spans connect when the drapes are removed. This is a superb event for demonstrating multiple lessons on the power of team building, communication and "building bridges". 1.5 - 2 hours.

Laser Lights

Laser Lights is a fascinating indoor, timed table top event. Teams are issued supplies that include card board boxes, flat mirrors and red and green laser pointers. Participants must employ team building skills so that they manipulate mirrors, house lights, and lasers so that beams of light finally land on a central mirror ball rotating in the center of the room. A spectacle to behold! One hour.

Program Size: 10 - 100 people, but varies based on the event.
Program Length: Varies; also can be used in combination with other events

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